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Thursday, August 26, 2010


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greg cryns

Nice review.

I didn't know Tony founded Link Exchange. That, in itself, tells me he is smarter than me. I have vision, but I don't act on it usually. That makes me stupid, I think.

But I think I turned out ok and maybe that is what you are saying?

David Hooper

I do think that everything works out ok. If you pass something by or don't act on something for whatever reason, there are always other options.

When I was in college, I worked for a quadriplegic guy. He became that way after a car accident.

Asked him once if he was pissed. He said no, because when he was moving around, he was doing stupid things. He felt the injury actually saved his life.

I try to look at all things in a similar way...

Tony has certainly made a nice chunk of money off Zappos and other things, but I've seen where he works and how he works and I wouldn't want that part of the deal.

Book Addict

Amazing review! I am sure that book will sell millions in a few years or months. Anyways, great post and it seems that your post itself is already inspiring to me so keep it up. I appreciate what you are doing so keep doing it.

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