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Monday, August 16, 2010


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Marvin Agustin

I totally agree with you since I know a lot of people who do business because they want to earn money but ended up unsuccessful. So with that said I think it really depends on how you really want it and the reason you are doing it.
You totally rock and make sense!


Hmm… Is that why mostly gay people were successful? To come to think of it, it really makes sense. Am I right? I don’t know if you will agree with me but in our country they are really successful especially when it comes to business.
I am gay so I know this stuff and I would give you 10 out 10 for posting this.

David Hooper

Not exactly the argument I was making, but I do have thoughts on it...

Most gay people, at least the ones out of the closet, don't have kids, means a huge expense they don't have to deal with. Also, they can't get married, so they can't get divorced, which means alimony doesn't exist for them.

Both of these means more money for other things, which could give the appearance of being more successful than straight people.


You’re right about that David.
I think the same way, why a gay person turns out to be more successful than straight guys.
Especially when a straight guy spends more money on a Friday night… You know what I mean  lol

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