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Thursday, November 17, 2011


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Jaime @ Eventual Millionaire

Woo. I agree completely, that's the message I'm trying to get out there :) I'm a millennial, let's go people.


I agree with your opinions. The thing that chart doesn't show is just how creative someone would get and how much they are willing to sacrifice for their business. It is possible to start a business
without getting a loan. You would still have to work a job or whatever to bring in income, but a lot of things could be done without having a
large chunk of money to sustain the new business.

The other thing I found curious was the considerably less white people wanted to start their own business. Is that because white kids still
think they are entitled to high-paying jobs whereas people of other races feel they can only get ahead by starting their own business?

I do feel bad for them. They are coming out of school (obviously with an education that didn't include anything about business) with way
more debt than you and I had, but yet they want to start a business and need more money and more education.

But you were right in saying there is more money out there than ideas.
The person who can show their good idea or show that they have the drive to make one knitted scarf or one batch of cookies (or whatever their business is) at a time has a good shot at getting the funding
they need to expand.

Of course, we shouldn't generalize. I'm sure there are those Gen Y people out there who working hard to build a business.

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